Flu shots are now more accessible than ever, as Covered Bridge Healthcare brings its mobile clinic to local events, workplaces and even homes.

Through the Communitywide Flu Shot Initiative, a three-month program offered by the Michigan Department of Health and Human Services in collaboration with the Michigan Primary Care Association, 1,500 flu shots have been made available free of charge.

“The thrust of the flu vaccination program overall is to keep people’s immune systems healthy until we get through the COVID pandemic,” Covered Bridge Healthcare CEO Rick Shaffer said.

Since the initiative began on October 1, Covered Bridge Healthcare personnel have attended 44 events and given upwards of 900 shots. At CBH’s clinic in Centreville and on the road with the mobile health unit, people from all over the county have been able to participate.

One highly successful effort has involved setting up at Fresh Food Initiative distributions, where people drive through and receive food boxes. While they are waiting, Julie Skaggs, RN, walks from car to car asking if patrons would like to get their flu shot while they wait.

The only requirement? Completion of a simple one-page consent form.

“What better convenience,” Shaffer said.

CBH’s clinic in Centreville offers an open walk-in policy alongside their mobile flu clinic events. The Program’s Director, Ken Griffith, Physician Assistant shared that “it’s a quick process right here in Centreville, made for all members of the community.”

“The visit is done in about 15 minutes,” Griffith when describing a regular walk-in. “By calling the clinic ahead of time, a patient can even receive the flu shot in their own car.” 

Banks, fire departments, schools, and even Christmas in Centreville have hosted flu shot events. One of the program’s requirements is that shots be made available outside of normal work hours.

For information about offering flu shots at your event, workplace or home, call Covered Bridge Healthcare at (269) 467-3228. The clinic is located at 658 E Main St, Centreville.