This winter is shaping up to be cold and rainy, which add extra challenges to staying healthy. With cold, wet weather, you could be more likely to get sick this year than others. Speak with your doctor about any vaccines (flu, pneumonia etc.) that would be good for you to receive and any health recommendations they have specifically for you.  But, aside from advice from your doctor, there are many small ways you can keep yourself healthy.

  1. Include fruits and veggies in your diet
    • Fruit is a perfect way to start your day
    • Roasted vegetables are a great alternative to meats
    • Consider enjoying meals in smaller portions (good for your health and makes leftovers!)
  2. Get active
    • Stretching and simple at-home exercise keeps your energy up
    • Cut down on the amount of time spent sitting
    • Bundle up and go for walks with your loved ones
  3. Stay Warm and Dry
    • Make sure at least 1 meal a day is hot
    • Drink tea and other warm beverages throughout the day
    • Always make sure you are dressed appropriately, preferably with waterproof boots!

Call CBH at 269-467-3228 to schedule a check-up with one of our providers! You can also contact us at 269-858-6756 for information about vaccines.