Thoughts racing? Difficulty sleeping? Feeling down and unmotivated?

Your mental health is just as important as your physical health, and Covered Bridge Healthcare is available to assist you with both.

“When you have a sore throat, you know you’re sick,” said Stacy Linihan, Covered Bridge Healthcare’s Director of Behavioral Health Services. “With mental health, it’s easy to say ‘I’ll be fine.’ It’s OK to come talk to someone – it doesn’t have to be forever.”

The Centreville-based clinic has two social workers on site, and recently received a grant allowing them to implement telehealth – making a psychiatrist and a licensed social worker available electronically.

“COVID-19 aside, in winter a lot of people get sad,” Linihan said, listing the dreary weather, isolation, and grief at having lost loved ones as just some of the recent stressors.

“Sometimes getting through that grief process, it helps to talk to someone.”

They have also seen many people who struggled with substance use relapsing, in the absence of their support groups.

“Our therapist who does telehealth also treats people with substance use disorder,” Linihan said.

Mental health was identified as a Significant Need on the most recent Community Health Needs Assessment (full report available at

  • St. Joseph County’s poor mental health days is slightly worse than the U.S. median
  • St. Joseph County’s population to mental health provider ratio is worse than the state average
  • Suicide is the #10 leading cause of death in St. Joseph County
  • St. Joseph County’s female and male self-harm and interpersonal violence related deaths increased from 1980-2014 (female death rate increased 0.1%; male death rate increased 5.9%)
  • Female and male mental and substance abuse related deaths increased from 1980-2014 (female death rate increased 614.9%; male death rate increased 424.4%)

To help meet this need, Covered Bridge Healthcare has developed partnerships with several local organizations.

“We’ve gotten to a point where we’re really cohesive in working together,” Linihan said.

After Community Mental Health and Substance Abuse Services gets patients stabilized to the point where they can go to their primary care doctor and maintain their mental health medications, Covered Bridge Healthcare providers continue that care.

The clinic also offers an option for clients who have private insurance, who might not otherwise be able to receive services at CMH.

Covered Bridge Healthcare staff work with St. Joseph County Jail personnel to teach inmates the Wellness Recovery Action Plan (WRAP) – giving them tools to stay sober when they get out.

The WRAP program is not only for inmates, however. Covered Bridge Healthcare’s two Recovery Support Specialists – individuals who are in recovery from substance use and/or mental health needs –offer a WRAP group on Tuesdays at 5:30 p.m. that is free to the community.

On the horizon for Covered Bridge Healthcare is enlisting the services of a child therapist, in response to an identified need from the St. Joseph County Department of Health and Human Services.

Covered Bridge Healthcare is located at 658 E. Main St. in Centreville, and can be reached at (269) 467-3228 or

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